Ultimate Guide For The Best Review Sites

1) Social posts and business reviews can help build a company’s online image

Neglecting to monitor and respond to online reviews is one of the worst decisions a business can make. It is easy to make mistakes when managing an online business reputation . However, it can be easy to get it back if you keep an eye on the reviews.

Although damage is inevitable, businesses can take steps that will minimize the damage. A company’s biggest mistake is not taking part in shaping the conversation regarding their company online.

2) Business reviews offer valuable feedback to businesses

Although it’s easy for companies to take criticisms to heart, it’s important to remember that reviews can also be constructive feedback. Reviews are valuable feedback. Reviews can help companies gauge their performance and identify areas for improvement. Even positive reviews can help you learn a lot. Vendasta’s white label digital marketing agency employs a team that reviews hundreds of reviews daily and provides expert advice.

Businesses can discover which products and services are worth promoting, which ones need work, and who their best customer service employees are by reading reviews. These 50 statistics on online reviews may convince you of the importance and value of online reviews.

Below is a table showing U.S. The Alexa data source for ranking, % U.S. traffic and Average Monthly U.S. traffic (unique visitors), is shown below.

These are the best business review sites.

Businesses should aim to obtain business reviews on review websites that are going concern, that people know about (Read at Overeview.io) and that are relatively easy (sites that consumers can log in or go in easily to leave a review).

We wanted to offer another list that was backed up by numbers, similar to our Top 100 online business directories list. We love numbers, data and facts.

Traffic is what matters. The more people visit a business review website, the more likely they are to leave reviews and read others about it. We all know that no one wants to log in to another site or create another account to manage yet other passwords.

These are three important tips for customer reviews websites:

1 Remember to claim or add listings on the top business review websites

There are many directory and business niche websites. We have compiled a list of some of the most respected and popular in the online review site world.

It’s a smart idea to claim or add a listing on these review sites. If a business isn’t in the right niche, then correct the listing information and get more business reviews.

Also, a positive citation result is a good thing, especially if the business is listed on these big guys down.

2 Businesses should continue to ask their customers for reviews

It can be difficult to get a review from an average customer. It is not always easy to find reviews from customers who are happy with the service received.

Customers are busy and won’t remember what you ask them unless you ask.

3 Customers are more likely to leave reviews on review sites

Which review sites are best for asking customers to write reviews about a business? You don’t have to ask for testimonials or business reviews on a company’s website. It seems that asking customers to leave reviews on a business website is more authentic and screened than asking them to leave reviews on a trusted review site.

Here’s a list of the 10 best business review websites

1. Google reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic, Alexa:158.03 millions
  • US ranking (Alexa),1
  • Reviews for: any Business

Google My Business allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google Search and Maps. Google is the most popular search engine. More people use it daily to perform multiple searches. This means that more businesses are competing for top SERPs.

It is very important that businesses verify their information before they complete their Google My Business registration.

Google My Business allows you to display your business information on Search, Maps, and Google+. Customers can find their location easily from any device, whether they are on desktop or mobile. Google customer reviews are a great way to boost SEO and they are essential for all businesses.

Google is the king in web traffic

Did you know that Google’s search engine performs over 3.5 billion searches per day (internetlivestats.com)? To be easily found by consumers when they do a local search, businesses should be listed on Google’s snack pack.

It is easy and simple to leave reviews for businesses. There is less friction in the review process for businesses. This makes it easier to obtain more reviews. It’s a great place for businesses to get reviews via their Google My Business account.

How to get more reviews from customers on Google

Step 1. Step 1. Send review requests. This process can be simplified using tools like Customer Voice. Collect reviews quickly and easily from real customers.

Step 2. Step 2. This shortcut can be used to link to your Google reviews page, just as you attach social pages to a site through their logos.

Step 3. Step 3. Create a Google Review landing page for your business website. It will be useful for SEO as reviews will contain keywords. Other site visitors should be encouraged to leave reviews by having their reviews linked directly to the business website.

Step 4. Step 4. It should be placed on the homepage of your business website, where the majority of traffic will come. It should be as easy as possible.

2. Amazon reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic, Alexa: 85.44 millions
  • US ranking (Alexa),3
  • Reviews for: E-commerce Related Transactions

Amazon is a major player in e-commerce. It is therefore no surprise that Amazon is the most popular e-commerce product review website. You are likely to know someone who has used Amazon or uses Amazon regularly if you don’t already use it.

Amazon has been training customers to use its review system for years. We should thank Amazon for helping to train mass consumers to leave reviews and make it part of their online consumer etiquette.

Amazon offers more than just book reviews

Amazon may be viewed as a virtual library but it is much more than just book reviews. Amazon is a great resource for companies that do e-commerce. Amazon is a more specific and appropriate site for Amazon marketplace partners. However, Amazon is worth a look for retailers to learn about customers’ opinions about products and how they were treated.

Did You Know that Amazon’s websites have featured business reviews for over 20 years.

Another interesting fact: Amazon improved its business review system in 2015. They began weighing customer reviews to make them more helpful and up-to-date (cnet).

How to get more Amazon customer reviews

Step 1. Step 1. Set up automated emails that will be sent after purchase. These emails can be used to thank customers for purchasing, solicit feedback or drive traffic to social media channels. To direct customers to the review section, make sure you include a link in your email.

Step 2. Step 2. Use social media channels to ask for Amazon reviews. Followers of a business via social media are likely to have purchased from it before or have a positive opinion about the business.

Step 3. Step 3. Ask for reviews from people who have reviewed similar products. You can view the reviews of customers who purchased this item, as well as those who viewed it. This is similar to online shopping. These can be viewed from the business’s product page.

3. Facebook reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic, Alexa:85.57 millions
  • US ranking (Alexa), 3
  • Reviews for: any Business

Facebook is a social networking site where users can create profiles and upload photos and videos. They can also send messages to friends and family. Companies can set up business profiles which users can follow, and leave reviews based upon their experience with the company.

Customers often leave reviews on social media

Social media is a popular way for consumers to interact with brands. Facebook is the most used social platform. The business reviews posted on Facebook are shared and seen by many potential customers. When opening up to social media, businesses should be aware of the big wins as well as the big errors.

Please note, however, that consumers talk about businesses regardless of whether they are aware of them (and whether they have claimed their business profile). It is important that businesses monitor their social media mentions constantly.

Facebook is a very popular review resource

Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the most used business review sites due to its large user base. The process of leaving a review for a business is easy because most users already have a Facebook profile.

This reduces friction allows Facebook to be more competitive than other business review websites that require users to create unique logins each time they log in (compared to consumers who are already living and breathing on Facebook).

How to get more reviews from customers on Facebook

Step 1. Step 1. Manage all reviews and respond. Negative reviews can be managed just as well as positive ones if you keep track of them. You can set up notifications to notify customers about reviews, so they don’t get lost. This will show potential customers that you care about customer service. This will encourage people to leave reviews.

Step 2. Step 2. This will increase the business’s Facebook presence. Customers can check-in and automatically share a post to their followers. In that post, the business name and link will be displayed. Positive actions on social media can lead to more reviews.

Step 3. Step 3. Add a CTA link to your business website. Place a button on the main page for customers to leave reviews. Customers will be more likely to leave reviews if they are not confused about the process.

4. Yelp reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic (Alexa), 40.47 million
  • US ranking by Alexa:64
  • Reviews for: any Business

Yelp allows users to leave reviews for local businesses on a review website or app. Yelp also trains small businesses on how to respond to reviews and hosts social events for Yelpers. Yelp reviews and provides data on businesses, including information about health inspection scores ( YELP.COM).

Review sites need to manage reputation.

Yelp is synonymous with business reviews. The site boasts over 102 million reviews and counting. It might be time for small businesses to pay more attention to what customers are saying online, and specifically their Yelp reviews.

If only negative reviews are displayed on a Yelp page, consumers won’t pay much attention to small businesses.

Yelp is known for its distinct reviewer culture.

Yelp users who leave reviews of businesses and write reviews about them are known as “yelpers”. This is a term that has become popular in the business community. It’s important to monitor these reviews and make sure your clients know what to do with them.

Yelp and other business review sites highlight the increasing importance of reviewing businesses to manage their online reputation. These funny Yelp reviews might win you over on Yelp.

How to get more Yelp reviews

Step 1. Step 1. This review generation tactic does not have to be so dirty as it sounds. By offering incentives to customers who leave reviews, you can purchase reviews. You could offer discounts or freebies to customers who leave reviews. You will need to request this on the website, or via social media. Yelp will punish businesses who ask on their platform.

Step 2. Step 2. ReviewTrackers recommends widgets that display reviews on websites such as Yelp badges. They should be updated automatically when new reviews are added to Yelp.

Step 3. Step 3. Encourage customers to use Yelp. Similar to Facebook, this tactic allows businesses to share their Yelp pages with other users. This also rewards customers who “checked in” with special offers from the business.

5. TripAdvisor reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic, Alexa:28.27 millions
  • US ranking by Alexa:118
  • Reviews for: any Business

TripAdvisor allows users to leave reviews about places they have visited. You can book rooms, flights, explore new things, and reserve tables at participating restaurants. TripAdvisor has websites in more than 25 countries.

The niche is king: travel directories, travel reviews

Another interesting fact: is the travel vertical with the highest business review volume.

Vacation stories have to travel between the online world and in person. If a person truly wants to avoid vacation slide shows online, they can at least avoid them.

How to get more TripAdvisor reviews

Step 1. Step 1. Ask your guests to write a review after their trip. Although this is an obvious requirement, it may not always be possible. As customers are more likely than others to leave reviews when they are asked, it is important to ensure staff are aware of these issues. If you are unable to visit the store in person, then send automated emails such as those discussed in Amazon’s section.

Step 2. Step 2. Personalize your thank-you message. Personalize the thank you email that is sent after an experience to customers. Include links to TripAdvisor pages.

Step 3. Step 3. You can include questions like “What was the most memorable aspect of your experience?” or templates that can easily be personalized for customers who are always on-the-go.

6. Better Business Bureau reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic (Alexa),6.15 millions
  • US ranking (Alexa),:647
  • Reviews for: any Business

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit that helps people recommend trustworthy brands, businesses and charities (bbb.org).

Trust is the foundation of the BBB.

BBB is based on a business rating system and educates customers to help them find trusted businesses. The Better Business Bureau works to protect consumers against fraud and scammers.

BBB profiles include a brief bio of the company and a history regarding complaints. They also give a rating A-F.

How to increase customer reviews on Better Business Bureau

Step 1. Step 1. It is easy to collect customer contact information and send a text message.

Step 2. Step 2. To drive traffic to the BBB review website, this includes a customizable “leave feedback” button. You will also find sample social media posts, blog templates and email signatures.

Step 3. Share positive reviews. Share positive reviews with your business’s social media followers. You don’t have to keep a positive review in one place.

7. Yellowpages reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic (Alexa),10.5 millions
  • US ranking (Alexa),: 694
  • Reviews for: any Business
  • YP owns YellowPages, an online internet directory. YP, a local marketing solution provider, focuses on helping local business (and the surrounding communities) grow.
  • YP is an IYP directory that has high traffic volume and offers review capabilities
  • Yellowpages offers business review capabilities. After claiming a business listing, companies can manage their reviews via the review site.

How to get more reviews from Yellowpages customers

Step 1. Follow up with customers. You can reach out to customers via email, text message or social media and request reviews.

Step 2. Step 2. Tell potential customers and current customers which review sites your business uses. Include a link to the homepage. This is where you will find all the CTA buttons to direct customers to each review site.

8. Manta reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic (Alexa),6.48 millions
  • US ranking (Alexa),957
  • Reviews for: any Business
  • Manta, an online service directory for small businesses, is a search engine and review site. It provides information for small businesses to help them network.
  • Manta is a directory with solid traffic and review capabilities
  • This site helps small businesses to connect and grow by connecting with their community. Users can purchase from, partner, or connect to companies.

How to get more reviews from Manta customers

Step 1. Run an email campaign. HubSpot recommends keeping it short and simple. You can also offer the chance to win something, such as discounts.

Step 2. Step 2. Ask satisfied customers for a review of the business. Send out a survey asking customers to review the business. Include a section asking for positive reviews.

9. Angie reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic (Alexa),5.44 millions
  • US ranking by Alexa: 1,755
  • Service-related businesses reviews
  • Angie is a service listing website and review site that allows users to rank and rate service providers in their local area.
  • Angie reviews come from members

Angie is a paid review website. This means that it is less cluttered with spammy reviews and rambling customer reviews. The members rate companies on a scale of A-F based on quality, price, responsiveness, punctuality, professionalism, and other factors.

Angie can be divided into different categories, such as auto, house, pets, and services.

How to get more reviews from customers on Angie

Step 1. Step 1. Angie (formerly Angie’s List), allows only members to post reviews through the above system. Free registration is available for businesses to access reviews via their business profile page.

Step 2. Step 2. Businesses use reviews to improve their products and services. Businesses will need to collect more information from customers if they want to improve their products and services.

10. Foursquare reviews

  • Average monthly US traffic (Alexa),3.67 millions
  • US ranking by Alexa:2,418
  • Reviews for: Any business, mostly restaurants
  • Foursquare is a mobile search and discovery app that enables local searches. Foursquare helps users find new businesses and places through reviews from other Foursquare users.
  • Foursquare can be used to review social media.

You can also let your friends know where you are, and they will be able to find you. You can also earn points, badges and coupons by checking in at certain places. Foursquare has 55 million monthly active users and is a strong force in customer loyalty and feedback.

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