Types of Commercial Floor Mats

Bar floor mats offer a practical solution to cleaning up after a party. They are designed to absorb spills and act as absorbent stepping stones for people on the dance floor. These mats can be used in place of paper liners to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these mats offer a comfortable surface for people to move around while they are dancing. These mats are also good to have around when you need a little extra support for knees, back, and other trouble spots.

Solid rubber mats provide good traction for the feet of your staff. Also, use solid rubber mats in place of paper liners for wet or hazardous areas, or outfit your entire bar floor with interlocking bar matting! If you have a lot of traffic on your bar floor, rubber floor mats will help to keep your customers from slipping or falling. The comfort level of bar floor mats is similar to a carpeted floor, so they’re a great alternative to expensive rugs. If you choose to go with solid rubber matting, make sure you purchase a durable product with plenty of padding so that it will hold up to wear and tear.

Many dance clubs have different floor mats available for use at the different bar levels. Basic floor mats for small rooms may just be a sheet that is rolled up to fit over the bar. These strips are usually sewn directly onto the floors to create a solid barrier between the floor and the dancing floor. In some cases, if the club has very little traffic, all you need is a few basic floor mats to provide good traction.

Other forms of bar floor mats include bar runner mats and waterproof floor mats. Bar runner mats are used in nightclubs and bars with high traffic because of their durability. The sheet is rolled up to fit, and has holes that allow the bar owner to slot in the mat with ease. This style of mat also prevents slipping and is easy to store. Most waterproof floor mats, on the other hand, are designed to keep water out while maintaining a grip on the floor.

Some bartenders prefer to use non-slip products on their floor, but others still slip often due to their slippery shoes. To solve this problem, many bartenders will place a small rug underneath their feet at the tables. This rug keeps them from slipping and also allows them to move around more comfortably while on the tables, which can cause a few patrons to slip during the night.

Some clubs have drainage matting in the bar area. This is beneficial for bar owners who want to cut down on the number of spills on the floor by reducing the number of people who visit the bar area at the same time. By using a rubber floor mat in the bar area, the spilled drinks can easily be mopped up and the mats keep the area dry. For added safety, some bar owners will place a band aid or safety pin over the drainage matting to cut down on accidental slips.

Rubber doormats are another type of commercial floor mats that are used to prevent the entrance of insects and animals, as well as deterring customers from staining the walls and floors with unwanted liquids. These commercial floor mats are often used in restaurant entrances, which are notorious for staining the area. Some restaurants even purchase additional entrance mats to place in all entranceways around the building to prevent unwanted visitors.

Bar owners and bartenders alike also use bar floor mats to help keep the surfaces clean and sanitary. Without these mats, the kitchen could easily become a haven for vermin and pests that would easily eat any grease or dirt that remains on the surfaces. With these mats, the kitchen is kept cleaner and the serving tables and counters stay germ-free. This keeps the kitchen and bar a pleasant place to work and consume.

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