Tier List For Spatial And Temporal Towers

In this article you can find all about Spatial Tower & Temporal Tower Tier List.

Spatial Tower (Temporal Tower) is a Dislyte Trials game in which players employ their Esper heroes to battle various opponent compositions, climb the ladder, and earn a variety of rewards like as Gold Records, Starimon, Spirimon, high-quality relics, and more!

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The Rules of the Spatial Tower

  • The Spatial Tower has a total of 100 levels, with the first 80 being available right now. More tower levels will be accessible in future upgrades.
  • Each level must be completed in order to obtain a reward and progress to the next.
  • A massive prize is granted after every ten tower levels.
  • Each level in the Spatial Tower may only be challenged once, and once completed, it cannot be re-attempted.
  • In the Spatial Tower, Friend Assist is not available.

Rewards from the Spatial Tower

Tower Level Rewards

10 – Gold Record x1
20 – 4-star Starimon x2
30 – Gold Record x2
40 – Epic Spirimon x2
50 – Gold Record x2
60 – 5-star Starimon x2
70 – Gold Record x3
80 – 6-star Wind Walker Set
90 – Gold Record x3
100 – Donar (Thor)

Guide to the Temporal Tower

  • To access the Temporal Tower, first clear the Spatial Tower (Temporal Tower features 50 levels).
  • Clear each level to earn a prize and progress to the next.


Buffs have a potential to be dispelled by enemy attacks: Use DPS Espers like Thor and Li Ling that don’t rely on buffs, or Espers with buffs that can’t be dispelled (Hyde, Linxiao, etc.). Prioritize taking down the enemy’s main healer. Also, don’t forget about the faction advantage, which allows you to inflict more damage and kill foes faster.

Monthly Phase of the Temporal Tower:

  • Each Phase begins at 00:00 on the 1st of each month, after which the preceding phase’s progress, rankings, and suggested formations are cleared.
  • Every new Phase will need a re-challenge of the Temporal Tower at Lvl 1. The opponent formations and prizes for each level may alter at the start of a new Phase.
  • Every fifth level of the Temporal Tower will experience a Temporal Disturbance, delivering more valuable prizes.
  • In the Temporal Tower, Friend Assist is not accessible.


How to Defeat Phobetor, the Final Temporal Tower Boss

Focus on eliminating the right-side minion first, since it will significantly diminish your maximum HP over time. After you’ve defeated the correct minion, the battle will be a breeze.
Clear the minion shields as quickly as possible as they appear. This is due to the fact that the monster absorbs the Minions’ shields, replenishes HP, and delivers a lot of damage. It will not do harm if there is no shield for it to absorb.
Once the proper minion has been destroyed, attack the big boss. You don’t have to, and probably shouldn’t, remove the left minion because it might greatly boost the boss’s attack! However, anytime the left minion’s shield is accessible, remove it as quickly as possible.

Phobetor Abilities

Animitta – Attacks an adversary twice, with a chance to knock them down for two rounds.

Nightmare with a Howl – Attacks all opponents four times, with each attack having a chance to reduce target AP. All followers get DEF Up for 2 turns and Life Shield. If no followers are present, Phobetor is awarded Life, Shield. Restless Night will be cast by Phobetor in two turns (s). 5 turns of cooldown

Anxious Night – Absorbs every Life Shield on the battlefield, removing all debuffs and attempts. If absorbed successfully, it hits all foes three times, with a chance of eliminating one buff each time, while also attacking a random adversary. Damage increases when each Life Shield is absorbed. Inflicts Stur for 1 turn if no Life Shield is absorbed.

Phobetor Follower Skills on the Right

Silence that kills – Attacks all foes with a chance to reduce their ATK for two rounds. If Life Shield is active, it lowers the target’s HP ceiling dependent on the amount of damage dealt.

Terrorist Ring – While alive, Phobetor’s attacks restore some HP. After death, Phobetor gains more ATK.

Phobetor Follower Skills on the Left

Nightmare of Horrors – Attacks an enemy, increasing Phobetor’s AP and giving the victim a chance to be stunned for 1 round if Life Shield is active.

Ring of Lightning – When Phobetor is alive, he gets an additional SPD, and when he dies, he gets an extra ATK.

Rewards from the Temporal Tower

Rewarding Tower Levels

Tower Level Rewards
5  – Gold Record x1
10 – 250 Nexus Crystal
15 – 4-Star Starimon x2
20 – 250 Nexus Crystal
25 – 5-Star Starimon
30 – Gold Record x2
35 – 500 Nexus Crystal
40 – Legendary Spirimon
45 – Shimmer Record
50 – Classic Platinum Record

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