The Best iOS Games September 2021

Apple’s ability to control both the hardware and software of its phones is evident in the best iOS games. The iPhone has become a powerful gaming device thanks to its CPUs and GPUs, as well as the new iOS versions.

It’s easy to find the best iOS games thanks to their wide selection. Complex PC strategy games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI can now be enjoyed alongside more familiar mobile apps like Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds. You’ll also find touch inputs that are comparable to what you will get on other gaming platforms.

To find the best iOS games, you have to sort through many titles. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best apps that you can download from the App store. We have avoided games that offer excessive cash shop features and other scourges in mobile gaming. Apple Arcade is Apple’s streaming gaming service that costs $5 per month. We’re also skipping it. This is not to suggest that you should avoid Apple Arcade. It’s an excellent service that complements the iOS experience to a T. We wanted to concentrate on games that any iPhone or iPad user can enjoy.

Some of our top iOS games are better when played with touch inputs while others work better with a controller. However, all of them could make you reach for your smartphone instead of the Nintendo Switch when you feel like playing a great portable game.

The Best iOS Games

You can’t resist a good puzzle, no matter if you are a great writer, a skilled at math, or simply enjoy matching perfect matches. You’re lucky to have an iPhone because many of the most popular iOS games are great Puzzle games. You’re certain to find one that suits your interests. Check out for more!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley 2 is a remarkable game, and it’s not because the $4.99 price tag has anything to do w/ poorly digitized eyes. This iOS game is a great way to learn how to navigate M.C. Escher-inspired rooms feature gravity-defying staircases, perspectives that are impossible, and Escher-inspired lighting.

Monument Valley was a great story. But this sequel has more emotional depth. The film follows a mother-daughter duo as they navigate their way through the bizarre surroundings.


Threes is a simple iOS game that shows that great graphics and complex gameplay are not necessary. Threes is a math-based puzzle where you have to slide numbered tiles on the wall to create like pairs. You can do this by adding up to three to get 24.

You can combine three cards to create a 6, and two 6 cards together to make a 12, then combine them with two other cards using the wall. The developers say that you can learn it in one minute, but it could end up being an app that stays on your phone forever. The ad-supported version of the app is available for $5.99 if you don’t like paying $5.99 to learn such a basic concept.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room games have used rich graphics and haptic feedback to create the feeling of manipulating objects. But that winning formula has never been as successful as in The Room: The Old Sins.

The $4.99 puzzle game is both creepy and challenging. It takes place in a darkened dollhouse that houses its own puzzles as well as those scattered around its floors.


Framed is basically the storyboarding concept translated into game form. This $3.99 game requires you to look at different comic-book-like panels and arrange them to alter the story’s outcome.

This is an excellent iOS game and a masterpiece of art. It’s a further reminder that mobile games are capable of surpassing console and PC games.

Donut County

Donut County is a game where you control a hole in the ground using your finger. It can swallow anything, from cars and chairs to whole barns.

This $4.99 game is memorable for its physics and the funny tale about a group of anthropomorphic animals like bears and raccoons. A subtext is also included about the dangers of gentrification.

The Witness

The Witness. The Witness, a $9.99 download is inspired by the Myst game series that was so popular in the 1990s. However, this iOS best-selling game has more abstract puzzles.

The Witness is where you spend the majority of your time. You wander around an island that’s mysterious and often face gridded puzzles that seem simple at first. This doesn’t last very long. The puzzles quickly become more difficult, but it is still incredibly satisfying to solve one and discover more secrets on the island.


Gorogoa is all about finding commonalities among disparate things. This makes it both a useful lesson in life and a fun puzzler.

You’ll be presented with seemingly unrelated images in most puzzles in this $4.99 game. These may include a darkened living area, a view of city rooftops or a shot of a disabled person looking out of a window. You can select and rearrange certain elements from these images to create an animated sequence that shows an apple falling from a tree into a bow. Although it can be challenging, it is always rewarding.


Limbo is the best iOS game, and it has made puzzle platformers an art form like no other. It’s a good thing.

Limbo isn’t cluttered on the iPhone’s screen so you can feel immersed in the creepy environment, especially on larger iPhone displays. The young boy is being led through dark forests and villages infested by giant spiders and other horrors. Is he still alive? Is he dead? That’s up to you. There’s a good possibility that you’ll be still wondering for many years what it all means.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is essentially Where’s Waldo on smartphones. However, it swaps out familiar colors for a monochrome palette.

Multiple objects will be required to find them in the settings. At first, they are small and then grow to huge canvases. This requires multiple swipes to locate everything. The funniest part of this iOS game is the fact that all sound effects are made from mouth sounds.

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