Realistic Gameplay Mods For Sims 4

The Sims is marketed as a game that allows you to “play with life” and is meant to represent real life, yet at times the game might appear too idealized. It’s a game that’s always taken delight in including unusual elements, like a skeletal maid or a group of magical gnomes.

However, many gamers want more lifelike gameplay options in The Sims 4 so they can make storylines that feel less like they’re just playing in a cartoon and more like they’re actually living.

The Sims 4 can benefit greatly from realistic gameplay mods because they can be added to the game without having to create an entirely new realistic game. These modifications range from straightforward ones, like eating more quickly, to more intricate disasters. This list undoubtedly contains options for everyone.

1. Extracurricular Activities

After-school activities in The Sims 4 are seriously missing, and the game’s content for kids and teens needs to be more kid and teen-centric.

Fortunately, Kawaii Stacie produces some excellent mods, with after-school activities being one of the easiest and most effective. With this mod, you may pick from more than 30 after-school activities for your kids or teenagers.

Your children will learn new skills and make new friends while they are at these events, depending on whatever activity they choose. It’s wonderful and there are lots of clubs you can join, including ones for video gaming, wrestling, anime, kpop, and much more.

Your teenagers and kids may even bring home a variety of moodlets that will cause them to experience feelings like sadness after a disappointing experience at their activity or focus.

2. Auto-beards

The Sims 4’s lack of hair growth for any sim, but notably for masculine sims with their facial hair, has always seemed unnatural.

An genuine mod that automatically adds beards to Sims over time was made by a modder by the name of flerb. You can select to trim your beard to stubble, a medium, or a huge beard by clicking on the sink.

This is incredibly amazing because it will accelerate the passing of time, giving The Sims a much more realistic sense. If you notice facial hair development, it can help your sims feel as though every day isn’t precisely the same.

3. Improved Romance

If you think romance in The Sims 4 is just too simple, the better romance mod made by simler90 is a genuine game changer. Currently, it is really simple to get two Sims fall in love, to the point that you may go from being strangers to getting engaged in a matter of sim hours.

This mod addresses that by making it far more difficult to initiate romantic connections and by restricting the availability of particular romantic interactions until specific conditions are met.

4. Unique Qualities

Traits are one element that The Sims 4 rbx paste simply lacks, and we seldom ever receive new ones as new packs are released. Even as we get additional DLC, this is making it very tough to create fascinating and distinctive sims.

The custom traits that so many modders are able to build will alter how your sims feel and what they love doing, making them feel far more distinctive than the EA-approved traits we currently have in the game.

5. Check out Mod

Despite not being the most realistic way to play The Sims 4, rabbit holes can nevertheless provide a little amount of realism with the various activities that your sims can engage in.

For your Sims to explore, Kawaii Stacie’s “Explore” mod adds a ton of brand-new “rabbit holes” (haha, get it?) and they include activities like shopping, ordering takeout, gambling, and many other things.

Your Sims will receive a moodlet when you select one of these options, have their needs met, or return with an item if they decided to go shopping.

6. Brutal Violence

Before we begin, let me say that I am aware that not everyone is in favor of include any form of violence in their game. Violence occasionally occurs in the world, thus it does offer realistic gameplay if you want that.

Extreme Violence is a mod created by Sacrifical Mods that allows your sims to engage in lethal interactions, steal other sims’ money, and engage in fights with other sims.

Instead of playing with a perfectly content small family every day, you can add this if you prefer a more realistic and less idealized style of gaming in The Sims 4.

7. Eating and drinking more quickly

In my game, the faster eating and drinking mod is a need. Sims simply eat far too slowly as things stand right now. Because it takes them hours to finish eating, you have a lot less time to accomplish anything.

Simply said, this mod shortens the length of time it takes a Sim to eat, freeing up more time for family time, skill development, and homework.

8. Funerals mod

Funerals are a significant life event that don’t appear in The Sims 4. There is no other way to bid your sims farewell besides sitting at a tombstone in silence.

Fortunately, a funeral mod exists that enables you to hold a funeral event, providing you a more genuine way to bid your sims farewell.

9. Display personality Please

Because sims are generally dull and don’t seem to have much of a personality, the have some personality please mod is fantastic. Your sims will feel more distinctive from one another as a result, which may strengthen your relationship with them and increase your enjoyment of the game.

The removal of idle chatter from your game allows your sims to pick real interactions rather than merely speaking all the time, giving them more agency to engage in interactions on their own (including kissing and fighting!).

10. Height Sliders

The fact that all Sims are roughly the same height, including teenagers, is a major gripe from a lot of simmers. It’s absurd because no two people are the same height in reality, yet the Sims team does it to save money by only needing to create one set of animations.

However, a fantastic height slider mod enables you to modify both the neck and body heights of your sims. Your sims will feel more realistic and distinguishable from one another as a result of this.

11. Invisibility cloak

If you’ve ever built a beautiful house for your Sims with a lovely curving walk going to the front door, you know the struggle when your Sims completely disregard the pathway in live mode and take a direct path across the grass.

With the help of this mod, you may surround a walkway with an invisible fence so that your sims are forced to use it rather than just strolling through the grass to the door. The paths feel beneficial and even though it appears straightforward, it accomplishes the desired result.

12. Tragedies of Life

The Sims 4 has a very unrealistic feature in that your sims never experience any arbitrary catastrophes. The Sims 4 maintains your sims in good health 99.9% of the time and makes you feel exceptionally joyful and upbeat.

Actual random tragedies are added to your sims’ lives via the Sacrificical Mods mod “life’s tragedies.” These disasters can include being struck by a car, becoming so ill that their lives are in danger, and a lot more.

Since horrible things can happen to my sims at any time instead of waiting for them to become elders, I find that when I play with life’s tragedies, I grow closer to and care more about them.

13. Reduced Pay

Lower Career Salaries by 50% is a tweak I never anticipated requiring. Why would we desire to make less money? Well, occasionally, when your Sims are constantly promoted, you can wind up with many prizes and money, the fanciest furnishings, and a fully renovated kitchen.

This mod is ideal if you want your Sims to experience hardship. Your Sims will automatically earn half as much money, allowing them to toil for a lot longer than the game ordinarily permits. This increases the sense of realism in the careers and increases the difficulty of raising a family.

14. MC Command Center

Because of how potent it can be, MC Command Center will always be at the top of my list of must-have mods for The Sims 4. It gives you the option to alter many aspects of the game, such as removing the monster that lurks under the bed, getting rid of the ridiculous townie costumes, and adding a ton of useful tricks.

Another wonderful feature that MCCC will implement is the automatic filling of vacant houses around the world with more Sims and the continuation of all families’ lives in those homes. The world will feel more lively because they’ll have children, get married, and live their lives without you needing to govern them.

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