Pants For Any Type Of Body Shape

I recently embarked on a quest to get a new pair of khakis. Doesn’t it appear to be a straightforward task? You know that’s not true, ladies! I walked from store to store for hours, trying on pair after pair. Shopping for pants is second only to getting a new bathing suit in terms of frustration for me!

I persisted, and eventually found a pair that fit somewhat well and looked decent. If I had done my study ahead of time, it would have been lot easier and taken much less time. It’s better late than never, right?

I’ve put together a list of helpful hints to help you select the ideal hanfu trousers for your body type. I hope this helps you relax a little more on your next shopping trip. Imagine being able to go shopping for pants!

Pants with a straight leg

Straight-leg pants are flattering on all body types. I’m not referring to slim leggings. Straight legs are a consistent breadth from thigh to hem, not too narrow or too wide. Because it forms a straight visible line along the leg, the aesthetic is attractive.

Straight-leg pants minimize your silhouette by hiding wide hips and thick thighs. Pants that taper even slightly at the ankle should be avoided. This will throw everything off and make your hips appear bigger. This shape is obviously ideal for skinny women and those of us who lack proper back padding. Straight-leg pants flatter all body types, whether tall or small, thin or plus-size.

Pants a la Gaucho

The gaucho cut made a comeback a few years ago and is still popular. At the waist and upper hip, gaucho trousers fit like conventional pants. They started at the mid- to lower hip and flared out to the hemline, which was usually just below the knee. Gauchos are a terrific summer alternative since they combine the benefits of a skirt with the modesty of cropped pants. They come in both casual and fancy fabrics. Even in the winter, you can wear them. Pair them with tights and knee-high boots in a heavier fabric.

Gaucho pants will look great on you if you are tall and have long legs. Other body types, on the other hand, can achieve the look by following a few guidelines. You can wear gauchos like your taller counterparts if you are small but have a lengthy torso and legs. If your torso and legs are short, choose gaucho pants with a less dramatic flare and a longer length. To increase height, wear them with heels or small wedges. Also, avoid dark hues, which will give the appearance of weight to your bottom half and diminish your small stature. Gauchos in light colors will help to lengthen your figure.

This style is also suitable for tall, full-figured women. Follow the same principles as petites if you’re plus-size and have a short torso and legs. Another disadvantage of wearing gaucho pants is that they are not suitable for women with large calves and thick ankles. To pull attention away from the lower leg area, choose a longer-length gaucho—almost a palazzo pant—with a moderate heel.

Pants with a Boot Cut

The only difference is the slight flare at the hem. These trousers have a classic fit across the waist and hips, with straight legs. Obviously, the boot cut was made to fit over work and cowboy boots. It now refers to a kind of trousers that can be worn with any sort of footwear.

Boot cut pants will make your legs appear longer and leaner if you have a full body. Wearing heels to assist elongate the legs will help petite women benefit from this style. Straight-leg pants have the same advantages as boot cut pants. They slim you down, enhance your curves, and are a wonderful fit for every body type!

Slim-fitting pants

I wish I had better news, but I can’t change my mind on this. Unfortunately, thin jeans are not for everyone. They may be stylish, but they cause problems for many women. If you’re on the fence regarding narrow pants, keep in mind that they were created for and look best on women who have a sleek figure—one that is neither too thin nor too plump.

The good news is that slim trousers look nice on everyone, short or tall, but if you’re carrying extra pounds or have a naturally curvy form, you should probably avoid them.

Pants with Cropped Legs

What would we do if we didn’t have cropped pants? When designers first debuted them a few years ago, the Gods were smiling on us. I’m hoping they stick around for a long time! Cropped pants provide us the best of all worlds for those of us who like to be comfortable in the summer heat but are uncomfortable wearing shorts (i.e., exposing our thighs to the general public).

You can pull off the cropped pant look, but you’ll need to select the correct length for your body type. Choose cropped pants with a hem that falls below the broadest area of your calf if you have wide calves. For women with heavy legs, ankle length is the ideal compromise.

Cropped pants can visually cut the length of your legs, making you appear even shorter, therefore petite ladies should be conscious of this. Petites and full-figured women should choose straight leg cropped pants with no cuffs, cargo pockets, or other ornamental embellishments to lengthen their bodies. Maintain a straightforward approach.

Cropped pants that hit just above the ankle should be avoided by tall women. To avoid seeming like you’ve outgrown your pants, go for a mid-calf length. Find a cropped pant that fits somewhat closer to the leg if you have slender legs and ankles—this suggestion applies to ladies of all sizes.

Pants with a Wide Leg

Tall, slim women can wear wide-leg trousers with ease, as they can with most pant styles. A number of stylists say that full-figured and tiny women should avoid them at all costs. I’m sorry, but I disagree. I feel that most ladies will look great in wide-leg pants if they have a pleasing fit.

The leg should fall straight down from the hip to the hem, with no curvature in the side seam or inseam, in wide-leg pants. A pair of perfectly fitting, wide-leg pants can generate a long, slim profile, believe it or not. Fabrics in dark colors will amplify the impression.

If you’re petite, follow this tip when wearing wide-leg pants: if you’re skinny, choose high-waisted styles (without pleats) to make your legs appear longer. To stretch the leg, pair your wide-leg jeans with a hefty heel—this idea applies to everyone.

Choosing the Best Fit

Choosing the appropriate size and fit for any style of pants is crucial, regardless of your body shape or stature. Tight clothes will highlight things we usually prefer to hide, whereas baggy pants will exaggerate your bulk. To achieve a comfortable fit, you should be able to comfortably place two fingers within the waistband while determining the right waist size.

When shopping, it’s usually a good idea to have a second set of eyes with you, especially someone who can offer you an honest opinion. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on your own judgment as well as the salesperson’s—and as we all know, salesmen aren’t always looking out for our best interests!

Talbot’s website has a fantastic sizing chart. I combined their height, weight, and waist and hip measurements into one handy sheet. However, keep in mind that size varies significantly between brands and pricing points. A pair of size 10 Merona pants from Target, for example, will fit smaller than a pair of size 10 Ralph Lauren pants. To be secure, look out internet sizing charts for the brands you want to buy from and stick to their sizing guidelines.

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