GTA 5 modding is on new level

GTA 5 Mods are great for changing the appearance and style of an existing game. The mods can give you super-realistic graphics, zombies, or completely new gameplay angles such as interiors and going to prison, or even playing as a policeman. GTA5 mods will give you a whole new experience.

Obviously in terms of mod there’s a lot of things you can try in GTA 5. Some people might need help if they are new to mods or just overwhelmed by the options. If you are, this GTA5 mod guide can help you find the best mods for you and guide you on how to install them. These mods will improve your Grand Theft Auto 5’s open-world experience.

1. Go on a walk around the interior.

Mod:Open All Interiors

Los Santos is only limited to a few buildings that are open to the public. All other businesses, including gun shops, strip clubs and car dealerships, are closed with every possible entry point. To help you figure out the purpose of “Open All Interiors”, I will give you three guesses.

Although there are no hidden secrets in any of these buildings, it does make Los Santos feel more alive and is a great hideout for those on the run.

2. Survive Los Santos’ zombie apocalypse

Mod:Simple Zombies

Rockstar’s last zombie game was in 2010, with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. This has allowed us ample time to get hungry for more undead bedlam. View all mods here.

Simple Zombies transforms GTA 5 into an interactive survival game. Players must build shelters, manage their hunger, and recruit other survivors scattered throughout the zombie-filled terrain. This game mode is quite extensive and can be scary at times. However, anyone who has seen Fear The Walking Dead will understand how to survive the SoCal zombie apocalypse.

3. Get into the ragdoll physics

Mod: Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

GTA 5 has one small problem. The ragdoll’s physics engine was not up to the standards of other Rockstar titles such as Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and GTA 4.

The Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul is back at the drawing board. It tries to bring the Physics closer to those games by adding more realistic animations, reactions and visual touches to the mix. You’ll see new firefights and car chases, as well as hilarious slapstick comedy. This mod is a must-have mod for any collection.

4. Hulk SMASH

Mod:Modification of Hulk script

Video games can provide a great way to release stress. And what better metaphor for unleashing anger than Bruce Banner becoming a gigantic green rage monster that wrecks havoc in the city?

You can jump miles high as Hulk and pick up cars to throw at your will. This mod allows you to terrorize Los Santos with reckless abandon. It’s important to wait until the military arrives before you have any fun.

5. Enjoy luxury safety house living large

Mod:Marlowe Valley Safehouse/Airport

For Michael, Franklin, or Trevor materialism is the way to go. However, the more stuff you have in Grand Theft Auto 5 the better. While the luxury apartment you have is great, what about a country safehouse complete with helicopter pads, car parks, and runways?

You can even host Great Gatsby-style parties at the bar. Make sure that none of your guests has access to the military fighter jet kept in the garage.

6. Hot or not?


Superhot’s central idea – that time only changes when you do it – is so brilliant and clever that simply hadto test what happens when you translate that into GTA 5. The results are quite impressive, suffice to say. It’s like The Matrix except that you are not an enlightened revolutionary, but rather an angry Trevor. You’re also not shooting Agent Smiths, but innocent policemen. It’s not exactly the Matrix, but it’s still quite fun to enjoy Mad Max-style bullet time in Rockstar’s urban jungle.

7. You can wreak havoc on the mobile radio by whimpering

Mod:Mobile Radio

Although it is a small, subtle change, it can make all the difference. Imagine this: You’re driving along to a tune in your car and suddenly you are forced to get out of the car because it is hurtling down a steep slope and just seconds from exploding.

Your groove is gone and the tune’s gone. Mobile radio is changing this. It allows you to keep your music with you wherever you go, no matter if you’re swimming, walking, or punching up. Almost everyone listens to music while walking these days, so why not the same for GTA?

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