Cannabis Accessories and Buyer’s Guide

The marijuana market is booming. Cannabis is here to stay, with complete legalization in several U.S. states and medical usage authorized in practically every state. While this is wonderful news for entrepreneurs trying to break into this growing industry, the technology you choose will determine your company’s success. You could mail order marijuana out on crucial functionality, sales, and even be vulnerable to noncompliance issues if you don’t have a sophisticated point of sale (POS) system at the heart of your dispensary.

The truth is that when it comes to cannabis, any POS system will not suffice. This book will walk you through the full range of technology solutions that dispensaries require to compete in today’s burgeoning market, including in-store, e-Commerce, delivery, and more.

Why is it so important for the cannabis industry to have a cutting-edge point-of-sale system?

As the cannabis industry grows, so does the competition’s severity. There are several ways for businesses to differentiate themselves from other dispensaries, but one of the most significant is selecting the correct POS system. Whether you’re starting a new business or wanting to update an existing one, your point-of-sale system is an important consideration.

Bottom line: you’ll need cutting-edge technology to increase the efficiency of your operations, allowing you to run smoothly and provide an amazing client experience. You’ll be on your way to more profits and a bigger business if you do this. What to look for in a POS system and why it matters are as follows:

Seed-to-Sale Cannabis POS Software

Every high-quality piece of hardware is accompanied with equally high-quality software. The correct POS software should be straightforward to set up and save your staff time by making their jobs easier on a daily basis. It’s also critical that your cannabis dispensary POS software works with any seed-to-sale tracking systems mandated by your state, as well as your accounting, payroll, marketing, and other business-related software. Other significant characteristics to look for in your software are:

  • Security of sales and inventory data Compliance
  • Mode for use when you’re not connected to the internet
  • NTEP-Certified Scales for Online Ordering/e-Commerce

Compliance is vital in the cannabis market, and one of the most crucial aspects of cannabis retail compliance is precisely selling items by weight. Having scales in your dispensary guarantees that you are not overcharging consumers and that your inventory records are accurate, whether you sell marijuana buds or flowers, edibles, vape supplies, closed containers, topicals, or extracts.

Make sure your scales are verified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). When evaluating your scale and sealing/certifying it for legal usage, a local weights and measures official will apply NIST standards. You’ll also want to make sure you get a scale that is quite accurate. While an ounce is widely assumed to be 28 grams, it is actually 28.349 grams; weigh to the hundredth of a gram to avoid shorting your consumers or missing out on any revenues.

Without the correct scale, running a firm that sells things by weight is impossible. Look for choices that are specifically intended for the cannabis business and include certification and safety features like as a windshield and dust-proof/waterproof cover.

  • mG-Scales is the scale we recommend.
  • mG-S322: In authorized states, it satisfies all standards.
  • mG-S1501: Certified for weighing less than 28.4g in WA and AK, and between 10g and 100g in CA, OR, and CO.

Printers for Point-of-Sale

Although cannabis is becoming more commonly acknowledged and available, severe restrictions must still be maintained. One such law requires consumers to be able to demonstrate that their cannabis was obtained legally. Printers play a role in this. To display proof of lawful purchase, dispensaries can offer online ordering printing or high-quality in-store printing.

Proof of purchase is obviously important, and dispensary operators may easily offer it with receipt printers that display the sale. Mobile printers can also be used in-store to provide a more modern and flexible experience. Receipts can be used to deliver excellent cannabis ads in addition to confirming that cannabis was obtained legally.

Here are some suggestions for what to put on your cannabis receipt:

  • Strains of the Week/Featured Strains
  • Soon-to-be-released strains
  • Sales or discounts
  • Social media accounts’ links
  • Client testimonies
  • Messages are now available for hire.

Recommendations for Printers:

  • CloudPRNT for online ordering, SteadyLAN®, and USB-C connectivity are all included in the mC-Print3.
  • mPOP® is a printer and cash drawer solution in one.

Labeling of Products Properly

Maintaining compliance and keeping out of trouble begins with how you package and label supplies and products. With cannabis being added to foods, beverages, medications, and cosmetic items, your product may come in a variety of forms, not all of which are suitable for a bag, bottle, or vial. Different products will necessitate different packaging and labels that display specific product data.

A vital initial step is to ensure that your labels are accurate; with the correct information on your labels, your product will be ready for seed-to-sale monitoring if necessary. To verify that the security seal has not been broken, your labels should also be tamper-proof. Consider using a linerless label printer for easy repositioning, and check your state’s unique cannabis label laws to ensure that your labels are compliant.

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